Check out the action from J Con 2018…

Konnichiwa! Hello!

J Con is Ireland’s funnest anime, manga, cosplay and all things J Culture event. After an amazing first year, J Con will be held coming back for our third year! Bigger, better, funner! Come join us on Saturday the 9th of November in Croke Park, Dublin!

J Con is a mix of all the things that makes a con great. Super special guests coming from lands far away and from around Ireland. Interesting and exciting panel discussions. A mass of the coolest artists, traders and craftspeople. And a few wacky events too? Of course! Pocky Eating Contest anyone?! Or the inaugural All Ireland Rock Paper Scissors contest?

AND. Cosplay! The Irish cosplay scene is exploding at the moment, and we hope J Con can be the next stage for the show. Whether you are a cosplay pro and Insta famous, or just love rockin your superhero outfit, we are excited to see YOU at J Con. Yoroshiku!


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