Will tickets be available on the day?


Do I need to print my ticket for J Con?

Yes. Please print your ticket and bring it with you on the day.

What time will J Con start?

Doors will open at 09:00. Preference will be given to pre-registered tickets. Panels and other content will start at 10:00. We decided to have this early start, for (1) to allow people to enjoy as much time as possible at J Con given it is a 1-day event, and (2) to avoid queues and people waiting in the cold.

What time will J Con finish?

All areas of J Con will finish at 18:00, apart from the Main Stage. There will be an After Party from 18:00 to 20:00.

Will there be sign-ups on the day for the Cosplay Contest?

Unfortunately there won’t be sign-ups on the day. We received an incredible amount of interest, and at the moment there isn’t space to allow extra entries.

How do I enter the Rock Paper Scissors Championships?

Entry will be on a first come first served basis, with a maximum of 512 participants. The RPS competition will be held at 16:00 in the Main Stage. If you want a chance to battle your way to a €500 prize, be there!

How do I enter the Pocky Eating Contest?

Entry to the event will be on a first come first served basis. Participants in the competition will be chosen at random from the crowd. There will be a maximum of 10 participants.

What will be happening at the After Party?

DJ LividThor will be playing some tunes, there’ll be dancing, and time to relax and hang out with all the other attendees.

I am under the age of 18. Can I come to the After Party?

Yes. The After Party is open to ticket holders of all ages.The Croke Park bar will be open for STRICTLY OVER 18S. J Con will have a zero tolerance policy in regard to the sale of alcohol. Any attendee under 18 found messing will be quickly ejected and banned from cons in Ireland forever.

Do I need to bring cash to J Con?

There is an ATM inside. But it would be a good idea to bring some cash just in case.

Is there a restaurant or food halls?

There will be two of the Croke Park food halls open, they will be serving a menu of Japanese food items.

Will there be a cloakroom at J Con?

Yes. It will cost €2. Please note that, although all items will be supervised at all times, J Con cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or theft of your personal items. The Cloakroom will be open from 09:00 to 18:00.

What about cosplay meet-ups?

We have been receiving a great number of questions about organising cosplay meet-ups. We decided that it would be best for cosplayers to organise meet-ups themselves. So please use the Facebook event page or the “COSPLAY MEET-UPS” Instagram post to find fellow cosplayers and organise meeting them!

Will Danbo be at J Con?


What about Pikachu?



What is J Con?

J Con is Ireland’s newest anime, manga, cosplay and Japanese culture event.

When is J Con?

J Con is on Saturday 11th November 2017, from 09:00 to 18:00.

Is this the first time J Con has been held?


We want more con action. Why is J Con only one day?!

For a whole bunch of reasons (mainly availability and this being the first ever J Con), J Con 2017 will be a one-day event. But we hope that J Con will grow in the future.

What is happening at J Con?

J Con will have awesome cosplay; a wide variety of artists, crasftspeople and traders; special guests doing presentations and signings; interesting elements of Japanese culture, fun and interesting panels, and a few wacky special events too. Anyone for the All Ireland Rock Paper Scissors Championships, with a massive cash prize?! For more details, please click on What’s Happening?.

Are you guys related to Eirtakon?

No, J Con is not related to Eirtakon. But we do really hope J Con will be able to follow on from the amazing event that Eirtakon was.

Will the event have Wi-Fi?

Yes. Details will be available on the day.

Will I be able to buy food?

Yes, Croke Park will be serving a range of food, snacks and drinks. Attendees are also welcome to leave the venue to find alternative options.

Will there be changing rooms?

Yes, J Con is organising changing rooms. Please note that the changing rooms are for changing ONLY. So any items left unsupervised may be taken and thrown away. Any unacceptable behavior will be dealt with by the J Con or Croke Park staff and may result in ejection from the event.

Venue and Access

For all Qs about the venue, please check here.

Where can I get tickets?

You can buy tickets through Eventbrite here. Tickets may be available on the day, but we strongly encourage you to buy tickets beforehand, so that you don’t miss out, and you can get through the door quickly on the day.


The organizers of J Con want to create a fun, relaxed and safe environment for anyone who would like to attend. The following rules and guidelines are to assist in this aim. Please note that: (1) By purchasing a ticket and attending J Con, you agree to these rules and guidelines; (2) All decisions made by J Con officials are final.


  1. J Con is an open event. As such any discrimination of a racial, sexual or any other nature will not be tolerated. Physical violence or inappropriate physical conduct will not be tolerated. Any attendee found to have committed such an act will be ejected from the event immediately.
  2. Attendees who wish to take a photo of or with another attendee must not do so without the prior consent of that attendee. While it is likely that attendees will be happy to be photographed, this may not be the case, so please be careful.
  3. J Con staff and authorized press personnel will be taking photos and videos at the event. This material may be used for promotional purposes by J Con. Staff and press personnel will seek consent to do so, attendees are free to decline they so wish.
  4. Attendees bringing personal belongings do so at their own risk. Croke Park, J Con, and its organizers will not be responsible for loss or damage of such items.
  5. Access to the Sake Experience Zone, the After Party, and any particular panel or event marked accordingly will be for Over 18s only.
  6. Attendees must keep their wristband on them at all times.
  7. Children under the age of 10 who wish to attend J Con must be accompanied by an adult. J Con encourages parents to join their children of any age in attendance. In addition, J Con advises that children under the age of 10 are supervised at all times while at the event.
  8. Attendees who dress up/cosplay for the event should remember that the event will be attended by people of a wide age range and that J Con is a public event. All cosplay must keep private body parts covered and be in good taste. If you wouldn’t wear it (or not wear it) in public, don’t wear it (or not wear it) at J Con!
  9. Any attendee wearing or bringing costumes, costume props or fake weapons must take care that they are safe and appropriate for an event that will be attended by a large number of people.
  10. Attendees must allow J Con, Croke Park, and security staff to inspect any items if necessary, and the attendee must respect any decisions made by any of the J Con, Croke Park and security staff.
  11. In particular:
    – all props or weapons must be a replica. No real items that could be used to cause physical harm are allowed.
    – any heavy or blunt items, that may or may not be described as “weapons” (eg. baseball bats, clubs etc), that could be used to cause physical harm, are not allowed.
  12. Attendees should listen to and respect the guidance of J Con staff and volunteers, Croke Park staff, and security staff. In particular to crowd control, avoiding crowding emergency exits, entering/exiting panel rooms in an orderly fashion etc.
  13. The above is a lot of long rules and writing. If you have come this far, thank you! Above all, please be respectful, and if we all follow this rule then J Con will be a great day for everyone!

A Note To Parents:

This is a message for parents and guardians who might be wondering what this whole J Con thing is about. Perhaps your child/children or their friends want to go, but you have never heard of this stuff before and you want to know a little about what is involved.

The easiest way to see what J Con is like, is probably to watch this video of J Con’s friends Akumakon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1hQSEHoq-E
(make sure to see the Queen Amigdala at 3:50. Woah!)

Attendees are generally interested in some or all of the following (explanations attached to help you understand!)

anime – Japanese animation/cartoons
manga – Japanese comic books
cosplay – short for “costume play”, i.e. dressing up as your favorite anime, manga, cartoon or movie character. Attendees either buy a ready made costume, make the costume by themselves, or a mix of the two. Some go to great lengths to make a “realistic” costume, and the results can be truly incredible.
Computer games
Board games
Generally being a geek and enjoying it

But you don’t have to go dressed up, and plenty of attendees are more interested in the Marvel/DC world of America, than the Pokemon/Gundam world of Japan. It’s all good.

So people go to the event, and when they get there the main aim is to have a lot of fun. There is a whole range of stalls selling items like drawings, paintings, photos, small snacks, figurines, and memorabilia. Most people check it all out and meet the makers, and maybe buy one or two things.

There are talks and presentations (“panels”) given by special guests and fans, about a whole range of topics. These kinds of talks have a large element of Q&A and are often given by fans, which gives the event a really interactive feel. J Con is also hosting some quirky events and competitions which will be a lot of fun.

The main event of any Con is probably the “Cosplay Contest/Masquerade”. Basically, any attendee wearing a cosplay is free to join a fashion show where they get on stage and strut their stuff. Maybe give a dance or some kind of performance.

While these type of events, or “Cons” as they are called, are mainly attended by 16 to 25-year-olds, they are family friendly. Cons are attracting a diverse age range more and more, and recent events in Ireland probably have attendees from 3 to 63. Just attending for a look around and to see the other attendees in their cosplay is a great spectacle and lots of fun.

There is a 50/50 split between guys and girls, and as is outlined in the J Con Rules, the event is open, friendly, and doesn’t tolerate any kind of discrimination.

Lastly, J Con also has a large focus on traditional Japanese culture, and there will be everything from calligraphy and flower arrangement to martial arts and learning the Japanese language. So anyone interested in Japan and its culture will get a kick out of it!

We hope this gives you a little idea of what it is all about. If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ, the other parts of our website, or contact us.


J Con