Press Pass


To apply for a press pass please fill in the form here.

Applications will be closed on October 25th




  • All photography is to be carried out in accordance with the instructions of J CON organizers and the Croke Park venue.
  • Interviews and filming are to be conducted publicity purposes, and as such may be broadcast or made available via media channels.
  • Such photographic or video material shall not be sold to third parties, including photo library sites.
  • Filming, audio recording and photography should only take place within the designated event areas, exhibitor areas or aisles.
  • Equipment should be brought into the venue only in accordance with the instructions of the venue or the official security company.
  • Consent for recording and dissemination of images of exhibitors, performers and visitors is a matter for agreement between each media company and those being recorded. The organizers, J CON, are not involved in any way. We ask that recording and dissemination is done responsibly.
  • Please accept that some performers may not want to be filmed or photographed.
  • Please ensure to seek permission to take or use pictures of visitors to the event.
  • Please understand that the organizers,J CON, accept no responsibility for any agreement violation, copyright infringement or litigation from information leakage etc. arising from any of the activities mentioned above