Schedule Run-Down

Most of the schedule is quite self-explanatory, but there are a few panels that could do with a few words of explanation. Here we go:


Taiko Drumming
A workshop with the Taiseiyo Taiko drumming group. Learn the magic of taiko and give it a try!

K Pop Mania
Calling all K-Pop fans! CBK returns for the second year of J-Con with another interactive K-Pop panel, including quizzes, games, and prizes! Let’s not forget the dance game that everyone is going ‘Crazy’ for! Come along and meet new friends, talk about your K-Pop interests and have lots of fun!

A Brief History of Japanese Pro-Wrestling
Most people have heard of WWE but few people actually know that the second biggest wrestling company in the world is New Japan Pro Wrestling. This panel will give the audience a brief introduction to the world of pro-wrestling in Japan.

JoJo’s Bizarre Gameshow
An interactive JoJo themed game show consisting of 3 rounds. Contestants randomly chosen from the audience will be required to answer questions, undertake certain tasks (Such as strike their finest JoJo pose) and be put to the test to prove how bizzare a fan you truly are.

Model UN: Zombie Apocalypse
A set number of audience members get to play as a country in the UN, but the problem they are facing is a zombie apocalypse. Every decision they make is decided with a d20 and they must work together to overcome the problem. A hilarious break from usual panels, with lots of audience interaction!

Straight Outta Kanto Presents: Pokemon Creepy Pasta (aka horror in fandom)
From Venus who runs a brand new Pokemon and nerd culture blog called “Straight Outta Kanto”. This panel will cover the horror elements and the psychology behind Pokemon and other Japanese fandoms. Such as… If everyone loves Jigglypuff and Pikachu, why do we feel the need to draw and instagram horrific pictures of our cute and cuddly Nintendo friends and make them heartless killers? (Yes, hands up, I am guilty of this myself) Why are we fascinated with turning our favourite child hood memories into gruesome nightmares on Reddit? And so on…!

J-Fashion 101
A panel dedicated to all things J-fashion related! From how to choose and put together your coord to how to gain confidence while out in public in your chosen fashion!


50 Years of Shonen Jump!
Shonen Jump has turned 50 years old and there’s no better way to celebrate than discussing the best moments from classics like Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, JoJo and One Piece to recent hits like My Hero Academia, One Punch Man and Food Wars!

Cosplay SAS Hero 101: A My Hero Academia Panel
A “My Hero Academia” interactive QnA with Class 1-A, where you can learn all there is to learn about being a true hero from the class themselves. Plus Ultra!

Voltron: Somewhat Defenders of the Universe
A Q&A panel getting to know characters of Voltron, with some audience interaction and a variety of fun scripted parts incorporated throughout.