Main Stage

Team Paraluna Special Effects Panel


This panel will discuss all things bodypaint, prosthetics, scars, dirt, grime and wounds etc…. Get your note pads out and get ready for some inside look at a cool unique side of cosplay

CBK K-Pop Random Dance Game


CBK are back with more Kpop fun activity and dance games, prizes will be giving out at the end of the panel.

AkiDearest and The Anime Man Q&A


Our special guests will be part of a Q&A session which will include time to open questions to the floor.

Cosplay Competition


Official J Con Cosplay Competition! Applications now closed

Pocky Eating Contest + All Ireland Rock Paper Scissor Competition


Two of Ireland’s most prestigious competitive spectacular events, wrapped into one hour! First, a race to finish Japan’s favourite biscuit-based chocolate confectionary, and then, the search to find Ireland’s greatest Rock Paper Scissors warrior!

Cosplay Skits


J Con Cosplay Performance and Skits! Applications now closed

AkiDearest and The Anime Man Panel – So You Want to Live in Japan?


Ever wanted to know what it would be like to live in Japan?? Well now you all will get first hand advice! Akidearest and TheAnimeMan will talk all about their experiences of living in Japan!

Closing Ceremony with Experience Japan Taiko Drumming


Panel Room 1

Wa Sushi – Japanese Cooking Demo


Ms Yoshimi Hayakawa, owner and head chef of Galway’s famous Japanese restaurant Wa Sushi, will teach a sushi workout to J Con attendees!

Carmello Cosplay – Cosplay Vs. Adulting


Hosted by Carmello Cosplay and TwinTail Cosplays. A discussion panel around the challenges of balancing cosplay as a hobby and the real world

How to Resurrect Your Dragon


Join New Wolf Studios Obsidian Dragon on A walkthrough of the creation process of Viserion from Game of Thrones. What to do and what not to do!

Japanese 101


A basic intro to the Japanese language.

JoJo’s Bizzare Gameshow 2: Fighting Gold


A wacky and wonderful game show themed around Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The show will consist of various rounds where participants will have a chance to prove how Bizarre a fan they truly are. Test your knowledge, strike a pose!! Your imagination is the limit!!

Panel Room 2

Tips For First Time Visitors in Japan


The panel will be a break down of do’s and do not’s when visiting Japan

An Intro to Photography


James Maher will be teaching the basics of camera operation, how to get the most out of a camera, how to decide on what gear to get and as well as a few editing tips

Taiseiyo Taiko Japanese Drumming Lesson


Learn about the ancient Japanese traditional drumming, and try first hand! With Ireland’s only adult taiko group, Taiseiyo Taiko.

Japanese Lesson by JTLI


A Japanese Language class for Beginners organised by the Japanese Language Teachers of Ireland.

Tokusatsu Takeover


Have you ever heard of Japanese Power Rangers and thought “What a weird rip-off?”. Well, I’ve got news for you! Power Rangers is adapted from the Japanese Super Sentai, and it’s not just Super Sentai, there’s Kamen Rider and Ultraman too! Come on down and learn all about the wacky world of brightly-coloured Japanese superheroes! (Also, Japanese Spider-Man IS a thing)

Adapting Japanese Horror for the West in Video Games


Horror is subjective and very wrapped in cultural tropes. We expect to be scared by certain things but what happens when that it inverted? In this panel, I want to highlight how these  Japanese horror tropes work, compare them to Western horror tropes, and then take the audience through some of the best horror videos that have resulted from adapting the Japanese horror style.

Horror in Pokemon and Japanese Culture


An in-depth, spooky and irreverent look at how everyone’s favourite children’s game “Pokemon” is so much darker than it seems. Everything from in game content to external Japanese cultural influences.

Drag Makeup – Where to Begin (18+)


Drag Queen Makeup is a panel that will go through the basics of where to start your career – The Face and performance. The panel will include where to show, how to understand working with your face and someone elses face. The Panel will also go into detail on how to start getting into the scene, how to invest in certain looks and not go crazy with spending money. It will bring out your aesthetic if you are a comedy queen, dancing queen.. Etc.