In addition to the J Con Cosplay Contest, we are happy to announce that J Con 2018 will have an additional time slot solely for Cosplay Skits and Performances. Last year we enjoyed some incredible skits, singing, dancing and acting, and we want J Con 2018 to highlight the awesome entertainment that Irish cosplayers and con-goers provide. There will be prizes, but rather than calling it another “Contest”, we are gonna stick to the title of “Cosplay Skits and Performances”, cos this won’t be too serious, it’ll be fun. LOTS OF FUN!!


  • Entrants may be solo or a group of up to 6 people.
  • All performances and skits MUST be a maximum of 2 minutes length.
  • Mics will be available for single entrants only. For dialog/singing/etc by and between 2 or more people, a sound file must be submitted beforehand.
  • Fighting is permitted as part of a performance, however excessive force or any form of projectile or anything that may cause harm to entrants or audience members is strictly prohibited.
  • Vulgar language or any performance of a sexual nature is strictly prohibited. The Cosplay Skits and Performances is aimed at all ages and J Con is a family event.
  • Sign-ups may be available on the day, depending on the availability of time. We recommend that anyone who wishes to participate completes the online registration. Please also note that on-the-day sign-ups will not have the option of using their own music. Music will be provided, or you can perform without any music.

If you have any questions, please contact hello@jconireland.com

To enter please fill in the form HERE