Special Guests

Cosplay Special Guests

J Con has an impressive line-up of both international and Irish Special Guest Cosplayers. International – to see and meet some of the coolest most popular cosplayers out there. And Irish – to celebrate how AWESOME Irish cosplayers are meet the people you’ve seen or heard about. Our Cosplay Special Guests will be available for photos and signings throughout the day, and will also participate in the J Con Cosplay Contest as Judges/Advisors. ii ne!

Nana Kuronoma

Nana Kuronoma is a cosplayer and model from Austria.

A message from Nana herself:

“My name is Nana Kuronoma and I’m a cosplayer from Austria.
When I started in 2007, my cosplays were terrible! I didn’t know how to style wigs, which fabric to use for my dresses , where to buy contactlenses etc. But, as time went on, I learned a lot about cosplaying and cosplaystuff and with the help of my friends, I improved my skills! Nowadays my cosplays look so much better 😀

I do not specialize in a specific Cosplaystyle. I like to create different types of costumes because I like the variety! Cosplaying is more a feeling to me than a business. I think it’s important to have fun at a convention, spend time with my awesome fans and answer questions about cosplay.

Some people might say that I’m a “famous cosplayer”, but the truth is, I’m just a normal cosplayer like any other, no more and no less. I don’t see myself as famous just because I have a bunch of followers >.> My fans motivate me, support me and give me the power and endurence to work hard for my cosplays, so I have to thank them for that! xD It feels odd when people look at you, follow you on social media and wait for new content. Sometimes I ask myself: “Why do people like my stuff anyway? I’m just a normal person”But then my husband replies: “No you’re not! And that’s why!”xD”

Find Nana on Facebook and Instagram

Kairi in Cosplayland

Kairi is a cosplayer from Poland. She has won an absolutely incredible number of prizes from cosplay contest around Europe.

From Kairi’s FB:
I’m Kairi, the Polish cosplayer and I’m happy to welcome you to my fan page! I’ll be sharing here my progress photos, photo shoots, videos, tutorials and other cosplay related stuff. If you have any questions don’t be shy and ask away! 🙂

Find Kairi on Facebook and Instagram

Zel COShorse

A note from Zel:

They call me Zel and I’m from Poland. I started my cosplay career in 2006 and since then I was always kinda bound to cosplay community. I was one of Poland’s representatives for ECG European Cosplay Gathering in group category, and also got an opportunity to represent Poland in EuroCosplay finals. Together with Kairi (from Kairi in Cosplaylad) we’ve landed on second place during Clara Cow’s Cosplay Cup 2016. While in costume, I really like to put up a show. Doesn’t matter if I’m a participant in cosplay contest, a judge or guest. The thing I love the most in cosplay is performing in front of a live audience, sharing knowledge during my workshops and last, but not least – making tons of friends. Also goofing around. I really enjoy goofing around.

War Panda Cosplay

Our next guest is coming all the way from… Dublin! Here is War Panda Cosplay as Cynthia, photo by @shadowsionnach. J Con is super excited to have one of Ireland’s best cosplayers as a special guest. Yatta!

@tacticwarpanda began cosplaying in 2014. She is most known for her Jinx and Scorpion cosplays, but has many other cosplays including Steampunk Pikachu, Chloe Price, Blood Moon Kalista and Sly Cooper.

War Panda has won multiple cosplay competitions across Ireland, and just returned from cosplaying for Epic Games new game “Fortnite” at Gamescon in Germany!

Attack on Leon Cosplay

Attack On Leon Cosplay is the next Irish cosplayer to be a special guest at J Con.
Hailing from Belfast, Attack On Leon Cosplay started cosplaying in 2014 as Red Hood from DC Comics which remains as his signature cosplay. He has also done many others including the likes of Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, Lie Ren from RWBY, Genji from Overwatch, Aquaman and the Joker from DC and Spider-Man from Marvel.

Attack on Leon’s Cosplay models for the most awesome Mac Tire Nua Studios.

The photo here is Attack on Leon’s Aquaman, photo by Donald Manning Photography


Scarlet Cosplay

Our next Special Guest is the mutli-talented Scarlet Cosplay.

Scarlet Cosplay is Chloe Daly from Limerick. Chloe has been cosplaying since 2013. She is also an artist and is a veteran of the Artists Alleys of the Irish con scene. And if that wasn’t enough, she is also a singer and plays guitar. What!

And who knows, maybe these talents will feature at J Con… Tanoshimi!!


Pixie Styxx

Pixie Styxx has been cosplaying for the last 9 years, making it a main focus for the last 3-4 years. Most known for her Gamora, Black Widow and Tinkerbell cosplays, she also enjoys cosplays from DC, Marvel, Disney and even horror films.

Pixie also won The Arcade’s Best Ireland and UK Cosplayer in 2014, and Geek Ireland’s Best Irish Cosplayer in 2016. She also enjoys charity cosplay work with many Irish children’s hospitals and Charities. Pixie also just returned from Dragon Con in USA.

Thanks to the War Panda Cosplay connection, Pixie will be joining us and they’ll be doing a panel presentation together.

She can’t wait to see all the cosplays at J-Con!