Whats Happening

Fiona Uyema

“Ireland’s Japanese Cuisine Queen”, Fiona Uyema, is coming to J Con to give a cooking demo!

After living in rural Japan for three years, Fiona Uyema was completely immersed into Japanese culture and the Japanese way of cooking. Fiona’s story and recipes have been featured on TV, radio and major publications including the cover of Food & Wine magazine, Irish Times, Sunday Times and Irish Independent. She attends major festivals and events across Ireland. the UK and further afield including Gulfood Dubai, Bloom, Taste of Dublin and BBC Good Food Show.

She recently founded her own Irish food company “Fused by Fiona Uyema Ltd” which inspires Asian flavours with its healthy and tasty range of award winning sauces. In recent months Fused launched its products on Amazon UK/IE and Dunnes Stores with more stores and products on the way!

To find out more about Fiona, check out her website Fused By Fiona and her cookbook Japanese Food Made Easy and she is on Instagram too!

Fiona will be at J Con on Saturday only!

Yoshimi Hayakawa

Yoshimi Hayakawa is the owner of Wa Cafe Japanese restaurant in Galway. A good friend of J Con, she will be returning to Croke Park in October after an awesome sushi + music combo demo at J Con 2017!!

Yoshimi came to Ireland in 2001 and has been making authentic, delicious sushi and other Japanese food here ever since!

Yoshimi is passionate about creating the best sushi in Ireland, and making people happy and healthy through eating Japanese food. She is also a huge supporter of our good friends Akumakon, Galway’s coolest anime con, and is the reason why they have so many awesome guests all the way from Japan!

Check out Wa Cafe’s website here and the Wa Cafe Instagram page for amazing Japanese food.

Yoshimi will be at J Con on Sunday only!


J Con is inspired by Japan, and inspired by anime. At the moment we don’t have enough space for an anime screening room, but we are working hard to bring something special to J Con 2018.. think big screen and popcorn!

Video Gaming

J Con is working on an expanded video games section. There’ll be super serious life and death competitions, or just come along to chill out and try some guys. 🙂 We’ll be posting updates here, and on our social media.


Artists and Traders

Having a cool selection of artists, traders, craftspeople, and exhibitions is an important part of any con. We want J Con to be the same and better.

We have almost compiled our Trade Hall layout, it will be up here soon!


J Con’s super awesome special guests will be giving panel presentations with Q&A time too.

We also want to have as much fan involvement as possible for the panels at J Con. If you are interested in applying to give a panel, please click here.

Want to learn some Japanese? Or practice making sushi? J Con is also working hard on talks/lessons/classes on a whole range of J-culture. So it’ll be an excellent day for having fun experiences, or finding a new hobby.

Pocky Eating Competition

What could be more exciting than finding out who has the greatest appetite for everyone’s favorite Japanese chocolate-covered biscuit-based confectionary? Don’t know?? Neither do we!

This may well be the first (but definitely not last) time a Pocky Eating Competition has been held in Ireland. “J Con, making history…”


Contestants shall try to consume as much Pocky as is humanly possible within two standard minutes. The winner shall be the person who has consumed the most Pocky, as measured by the number of sticks wholly consumed.


Sign-up shall be limited to 10 contestants (subject to change). Contestants will be selected from attendees to the panel, decided by luck/fate. Entrance to the room will be on a first come first served Pocky basis.


All of the Pocky leftover. If there is none left, everyone is a winner.


1. No snakes
2. Contestants shall keep their hands behind their backs until the beginning buzzer is sounded.
3. All Pocky will be untouched (i.e. inside the shiny plastic inside the cardboard box) until the competition begins.
4. Contestants will have one bottle of water, which they may open and drink during the contest.
5. Any method of consumption (1 at a time, 15 at a time, etc) is allowed as long as the Pocky goes into contestants’ mouths and doesn’t come back out.
6. No choking
7. Cosplay optional
8. Onlookers may give no physical help to the contestants. However cheering competitors on is encouraged.
9. Contestants are allowed to and are in fact encouraged to, distract other contestants in order to gain a competitive advantage.
10. Judge’s decision is final.

All Ireland Rock Paper Scissors Championships

If you, like the J Con Ireland team, have been wondering things like “Why do we not know who is the best Rock Paper Scissors player in all of the land?!” or “I am surely the best Rock Paper Scissors player, I can destroy anyone, but I don’t have the chance to prove it?!” then look no further….

J Con Ireland proudly presents the very first



*** “J Con, making history..” 😉


Contestants will play Rock Paper Scissors against each other in a knock-out style tournament until the eventual winner is found.


Sign-up will be on the day at the Information Desk. The first 512 people will be allowed to enter the tournament. (** Numbers may be subject to change)


1st Place: €500 (seriously. we’re not kidding)
2nd Place: Goody Bag
3rd/4th Place: Goody Bag


1. No snakes
2. All competitors must “be sound”.
3. To play Rock Paper Scissors, two competitors must in unison say “Rock, paper, scissors, shoot” and then throw their choice at the same time, using appropriate hand movements. You know the deal. There will be demonstration and practice time on the day.
4. The competition will be run in knock-out style, round by round. Thus half of the competitors will be eliminated in each round. E.g. In the 1st round 512 competitors becomes 256 competitors, in the 2nd round 256 becomes 128, etc
5. The competitors who remain in the game should stand in the middle of the contest area. Eliminated players should stand at the edge of the contest area.
6. The initial rounds will be “immediate sudden death”. The rounds of 32, 16, 8 and 4 will be “Best of 3”. The Final shall be “Best of 5”.
7. The competition will be run with an honour-based, self-refereed format. Please see Rule 2.
8. No “early throws” or “late throws” // “ato-dashi janken”. Please see Rule 2.
9. Anyone taking the competition too seriously will immediately be disqualified. However, mock seriousness is allowed and encouraged.
10. In the event of an argument that cannot be de-escalated, the decisions of the judges / J Con Rock Paper Scissors Grand Master will be final.

Japanese Sake Tasting

Sake!! It’s not every day you get to try a selection of the finest Japanese sake available. But you’ll be able to do just that at the J Con Sake Experience.

Sake is a truly delicious drink. It is recently becoming more and more popular around the world, but finding it in Ireland is still a big challenge. If you’re thinking, “sake, that manky Japanese hard liquor?!… What?!”, then it’s only because you’ve never tried the GOOD STUFF. J Con and its extended family are working hard with its Japan connections to make this happen.

Sake has a long and interesting history of course, and making sake is a skillful, grueling process. We hope that you will be able to learn a little, (and taste a lot!) and enjoy a unique experience that doesn’t exist elsewhere in Ireland.

Entry to the J Con Sake Experience will cost only €10!

For this you will be able to try a range of top quality sake and receive guidance and information from industry professionals. This ticket must be purchased in addition to the regular admission ticket to J Con.

Please note, entry to the J Con Sake Experience is for Over 18s Only.


J Con will be joined by Sandbox of Cork for a day of excellent TCGs. For more details see here.